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Using programmed mathematical formulas, artist Hamid Naderi Yeganeh takes calculations, and turns them into wildly intricate art. If you were to zoom way in, you’d see why they are titled “8,000 Ellipses“, “6,000 Circles“, etc. Indeed, math can be beautiful. Via ScienceFriday:

3000_Line_Segments 6000_Circles 8000_Ellipses A_Bird_in_Flight boat

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Miguel Vallinas is known for putting a dress shirt on interesting figures, and he’s at it again, with this series entitled Roots. These voluptuous flowers bear a resemblance to their clothing, so to speak. We love it. Via DesignBoom:
miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-01  miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-03 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-04 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-05 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-06 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-07 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-08 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-09 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-010 miguel-vallinas-roots-flowers-digital-art-designboom-011

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Auguste and Louis Lumière developed the first form of color photographs, called Autochrome, which brings a beautiful painterly quality to the scenes. It brings old images to life in a way that black and white can’t quite capture. Here is a stunning collection of woman portraits dating back from 1914 to the 1930s.  It’s fascinating to see images 100 years old in color. Via National Geographic:
01autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278315999.adapt.470.2 02autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278314124.adapt.470.2 03autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278315353.adapt.470.2 04autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278316548.adapt.470.2 05autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278314678.adapt.470.2 06autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278317436.adapt.470.2 07autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278319209.adapt.470.2 08autochrome8.ngsversion.1452278318309.adapt.470.2

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Created by Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi,  “Animated“is a series that merges the eyes of animal and human.

Flora at once captures the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. She expertly visualises dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams, utilising the uncanny and clever metaphor, while unlocking what it means to think, feel, dream and express in the urban world. Her work often features the female body and she plays with hiding and revealing the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form, exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self.

Via LaughingSquid:



Puffer Fish




Bench 650w

Photographer Lucea Spinelli takes light painting to a new place with these small moments of clever movement and magical transformation. Her work is lighthearted and inspiring, reminding us of the magic of Harry Potter crossed with a DIY spirit.  Via Colossal:
Animated light Swinger-800


Book on Fire 650

Isle 650wThe Conversation sm

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The death of David Bowie was unexpected and heartbreaking, and made us reflect on his creative genius that spanned many decades and took on a plethora of personalities and appearances. This beautiful GIF by Helen Green is entitled  “Time May Change Me”, and was actually created for Bowie’s 68th birthday. Sadly, one year later, it’s used to remember him.  We are in awe of his ability to take on so many characters, both in music and film, and to embody that futuristic, always forward-looking Starman that so many of us will remember forever. Godspeed, David Bowie.

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The world of architectural renderings has come a long way, and Mir Creative Studio proves it with these studies. All unbuilt, yet realistic, they offer a compelling vision of what is possible if budget and materials were no object. Via Uncrate:
mir-unbuilt-1 mir-unbuilt-2 mir-unbuilt-3 mir-unbuilt-4 mir-unbuilt-5

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MyModernMet has a tremendous wrap up collection of some of their best shared photos from 2015. Here are just a few, and they are stunning. The subject matter may vary wildly, but the awe is steady.


By Fox Grom


By Jason McGroarty


By Jason Weingart

By Beth McCarley


By Mikko Lagerstedt


By Dennis Fast


By Eva Ho


By Mehran Djojan


Utilizing the square picture format and platform of Instagram, artist/photographer Jati Putra Pratama takes filtered-looking photos, and warps them to create surrealist worlds. The work is part Inception, part dream-world, and entirely interesting. Via BoredPanda:
JatiPutra03 JatiPutra05 surreal-landscape-photo-manipulations-jati-putra-pratama-52JatiPutra07JatiPutra08Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.20.58 PM


These poignant faces are creations of Photographers Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri. Using just artfully arranged fruits, vegetables and some choice other plants, these characters come to life. Via LaughingSquid:
fruit faces // moss and fog

Photographers Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri have created “Fresh Faces“, a remarkable photo series in which faces are constructed out of strategically placed produce. The portraits are reminiscent of the 16th century works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the series won second place in the Professional: Advertising, Food section of the 2015 International Photography Awards.

Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces


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