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Purely an indulgence, Flyte is a beautifully designed desktop light that floats on air, thanks to magnetic levitation. And due to induction, it also lights up, wirelessly. Check out the Kickstarter page to learn more, this little device is a bit on the pricey side, but if you need to have a magical device on your desk, this might be the piece.
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It’s officially Earth Day. There are a thousand reasons to be good to the Earth, many of them we discuss and share right here. But you know the perils, you know the many issues we face. Let’s just try to be good to this fragile, amazing blue planet of ours, ok?   To inspire you to the amazingness in our outdoors, here are some great images of camping. Get out into nature and soak it in.    Images courtesy of Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.20.41 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.43.28 PM


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All of those hovercars you’ve been promised? They’re in France, putzing around in a most mundane fashion. French designer Sylvain Viau has a collection of digitally edited photos of older cars that have been ‘hoverized’. The result is oddly satisfying. Via DesignBoom:
french hovercars // moss and fog french hovercars // moss and fog french hovercars // moss and fog french hovercars // moss and fog french hovercars // moss and fog

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Screenshot 2015-04-19 20.18.48

Mexican artist Alejandro Duran has a sobering exhibit called Washed Up that deals with plastic garbage that washes ashore onto Mexico’s largest federal protected reserve. Ocean currents move the massive amounts of waste from many different countries to the shore of Sian Ka’an, near Tulum. This gorgeous stretch of beaches and caves is marred by the trash, and Duran arranges it in a sort of Andy Goldsworthy-esque fashion to create awareness and striking art.

Algas Amanecer Cepillos 005 Cocos Derrame

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If you find yourself in Tasmania, head over to Lake St. Clair and check out the incredible Pumphouse Point, a vintage hydroelectric plant set deep in the lake itself, and transformed into a luxury hotel. Dating from the 1930s, this hydroelectric station sits on Australia’s deepest lake, and has been vacant and shuttered for the last 20 years. Now open as a premiere lodging destination, it is steeped in industrial history and provides an amazing view of the gorgeous Tasmanian countryside. They have a beautiful website, and rates start at $240 Australian bucks a night.

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Twisted Sifter has a look at the standalone castle in Saudi Arabia, carved from a giant standalone sandstone form in the desert. Built in the first century A.D., the unfinished castle rises four stories, and inspires us with its oddity.

Qasr al-Farid is part of Mada’in Saleh, a pre-Islamic archaeological site located in Al-Ula, Saudia Arabia. A majority of the vestiges, including 131 rock-cut tombs, date from the Nabatean Kingdom (1st century AD). The site constitutes the Nabatean Kingdom’s southernmost and largest settlement after Petra, its capital, located in present day Jordan.

In 2008 UNESCO proclaimed Mada’in Saleh as a site of patrimony, becoming Saudi Arabia’s first World Heritage Site.

qasr-al-farid-the-lonely-castle-madain-saleh-saudi-arabia-unesco-1 qasr-al-farid-the-lonely-castle-madain-saleh-saudi-arabia-unesco-3 qasr-al-farid-the-lonely-castle-madain-saleh-saudi-arabia-unesco-4

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United Nude // Moss and Fog

Let’s just say that you probably won’t find your grandmother wearing these kicks anytime soon.

3D sinter-printed using some of the latest technology and materials, the United Nude + 3D Systems exhibition is called simply “Re-inventing Shoes” and features designs from some of the most cutting edge people working today. These printable footwear are shown at Milan Design Week 2015. Designers include Ben van Berkel, Ross Lovegrove, Zaha Hadid, Michael Young and Fernando Romero. Via DesignBoom:

United Nude // Moss and Fog


United Nude // Moss and Fog


United Nude // Moss and Fog


United Nude // Moss and Fog




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I guess we can’t refer to these intricately shaped forms as ice cubes, so let’s just marvel at the detail on these CNC-machined pieces of art, resting in a glass of Japanese Whiskey. Suntory’s 3D on the Rocks is a pretty clever way to bring your whiskey to life. Via DesignBoom:









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Melting ice cream can bring back a nostalgia for childhood. Sticky hands, sweet ice-cream melting into a soupy puddle, long days and warm nights. Photographer Michael Massaia captures these treats as they’re melting down from their original forms to a state of drippy zen. Via MyModernMet:

Sonic the Hedgehog





Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich


Dora the Explorer






Bugs Bunny


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