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The science behind climate change couldn’t be clearer. It’s mostly man-made, and change is accelerating. The problem with most of today’s climate-related activism is that it plays softball. It still speaks to people like it’s trying to convince them, woo them, gently show them why the system is sick. Finally, a major organization, Conservation International, has ‘grown a pair’ and started talking to people the way they deserve: with unflinching poise and undeniable blame. The series, titled “Nature is Speaking“, uses celebrity voices playing the roles of The Ocean, The Soil, Mother Nature, etc. The scripts are paired with beautiful video of pristine nature, the way it exists without humans messing things up. The punch line for the short videos is the real narrative, however. “Nature doesn’t need humans. Humans need Nature.” It’s a quote that I will be extolling for years to come, and I’m thrilled to have a great national organization finally market to people the way they need to. Wake up, humans. We need nature.

Nature is Speaking // Conservation International Nature is Speaking // Conservation International Nature is Speaking // Conservation International Nature is Speaking // Conservation International

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Bodely - 12 years old

Bodley – 12 years old

Clovis- 14 years old

Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne has a touching series of elderly dogs entitled Old FaithfulFor those of us who own dogs, the thought of our best friends growing old and dying in just a handful of years is tough, and a very sad fact of life. Sigh. Via Laughing Squid:

The Old Faithful project did its first house call yesterday to meet and photograph Mance here. Mance is a 13yr Old English Bulldog, a breed close to my heart. He has bone cancer that adds a lot of character to his face. He’s in a pretty fragile state so I made my first trip out of the home studio to photograph him, in all his asymmetrical charm.

Mance - 13 years old
Mance – 13 years old

Dallas - 14 years old
Dallas – 14 years old

Fink - 14 years old
Fink – 14 years old

Finnegan - 12.5 years old
Finnegan – 12.5 years old

Mason - 11 years old
Mason – 11 years old

Stella - 12 years old
Stella – 12 years old

Toto -16 years old
Toto – 16 years old

Weeze - 10 years old
Weez – 10 years old

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Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg has a beautifully subtle take on Star Wars, injecting objects and themes from the movies into everyday life. The series takes you on a rather ordinary journey through city life, but with hints of a different world here and there.  Via MyModernMet:

From the artist: “The inspiration was always there, really,” he explains. “I had a very overactive imagination as a kid. This was what I saw when I looked around the world. If there was a jogger running, my mind raced back to Dagobah and Luke training, for example. I used a lot of toys/my most prized possessions from back then to composite in, too. It’s very much an homage to my childhood, not just putting popular culture into photographs.”


There’s something magical about this rare sighting of vertically sleeping sperm whales. Peaceful and otherworldly seeming, the whales take short ‘naps’ of 12-15 minutes, even experiencing the R.E.M. sleep that humans do.  Via Sploid:


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No doubt there is a mental list of places in the world you’d like to visit. Well, get ready to add to it. The Cool Hunter is known for gathering images of far-away and impossibly beautiful places, and here is their 7th installment. Get that passport ready!

Dolomites, Italy

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park by Brazil (Pic – Massimo Vitali)

Chamonix Mont Blanc (Pic – Isabelle Jouvie)

Cathedrals Beach, Galicia, Spain

Loggas beach, Corfu island ~ Greece

Lofoten, Norway

Winnats Pass near Castleton Derbyshire, UK

Amsterdam (Pic – Sander Fennema)

The Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway.

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If there weren’t absurdly overpriced luxury items of every shape and size available, I’d say that $100,000 for a table would be excessive. But in today’s world of personal submarines and gold smartphones, this extremely rare and ancient wood table is actually worth something. Ancient Kauri wood is some of the rarest in the world, and all of it is found preserved and buried in a peat swamp in New Zealand. Once the size of giant redwoods, the Kauri trees have been perfectly preserved for over 50,000 years, and the wood has a magical wavy grain to it, that is said to appear three dimensional even on a flat plane. An artisan in Wisconsin takes this rare wood and transforms it into truly one-of-a-kind furniture, like the table pictured below.  To own a gorgeous masterpiece from the last Ice Age might not seem so absurd after all. Via Ancientwood:

Screenshot 2014-10-08 10.00.10


Screenshot 2014-10-08 10.01.06
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.01.06 AM

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