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Italian brothers known as Van Orton Design have redesigned classic movie posters in a bold new way. Utilizing a central vanishing point and using vibrant neon-style colors, their designs take movies out of their normal context and into a new dimension. Via DesignBoom:

van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters1 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters2 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters3 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters4 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters5 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters6 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters7

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Architect Stefano Boeri was just chosen to move ahead with his radical high rise in the Swiss town of Lausanne. The 350 foot tall residential building will feature more than 100 trees, and turns the notion of a high rise on its head, bringing the forest to the sky. With views of Lake Geneva, this is sure to be a view to remember. Via DesignBoom:
stefano-boeri-architetti-vertical-forest-residential-tower-lausanne-switzerland-designboom-01 stefano-boeri-architetti-vertical-forest-residential-tower-lausanne-switzerland-designboom-02 stefano-boeri-architetti-vertical-forest-residential-tower-lausanne-switzerland-designboom-03

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Another great collection in Stephen Wilkes’ series of photos that blend night to day within a single frame. Created by painstakingly stitching hundreds of photos into one, the images artfully showcase cities and a fantastical African savanna. Via MyModernMet:

StephenWilkesMilleniumPark StephenWilkesPontdeTournelle StephenWilkesSacrecouer StephenWilkesSavoy  StephenWilkesTrafalgar


A 75 million year-old fossil was recently discovered that has an amazing level of preservation, down to tail feather plumage, which gives scientists their best look yet at what the physical patterning on some dinosaurs would have looked like. 1501314765148874893-1


An undergraduate student from the University of Alberta has uncovered the fossilized remains of an Ornithomimus dinosaur with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue. The remarkable specimen is offering important insights into the plumage patterns of these ancient creatures, while tightening the linkages between dinosaurs and birds.


The dinosaur is called Ornithomimida, a six-foot bipedal creature that would have been almost entirely covered in feathers. Pretty amazing find.


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Reading a tiny ingredient list on the back of a package is one thing. Seeing the ingredients side by side is a more impactful way to know what goes into your snacks. Photographer Dwight Eschliman and Steve Ettlinger have a new book called Ingredients that show just that, the nitty gritty bits of stuff that go into common processed foods. Via the WashingtonPost:

Doritos Deconstructed


Campbell's Soup Deconstructed

Campbell’s Soup

Twinkies Deconstructed


Oroweat Bread Deconstructed

Oroweat Bread

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Wilfried Groottes makes these floating paintings by layering many layers of glass on top of one another. The painstaking work is a sight to behold. Via Colossal:
glass-21 glass-51 glass-61 glass-71 grootens-1

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Rainbow Eclipse Lamp :: Moss and Fog

Using seven LEDs positioned in a very special formation, this ordinary-looking lamp creates a beautiful rainbow eclipse on the floor. Greek designer Eugenia Antonio created the lamp, called Eclipse of Rainbow. Via FastCo Design:

Rainbow Eclipse Lamp :: Moss and Fog 2 Rainbow Eclipse Lamp :: Moss and Fog 3

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First released in 1899, “France in the Year 2000” was a series of postcards that envisioned a future one hundred years ahead.  The designs and concepts are both naive and adorable, with some accurate predictions, and some very strange ideas, indeed. Artist Jean-Marc Côte was responsible for these fascinating designs. Here are a sampling.  Via My Modern Met:

Whale Bus


Rolling House

Latest Fashions

Auto Rollers

Intensive Breeding

Correspondence Cinema

Air Firefighters


Electric Scrubbing


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Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Kiyevsskaya Metro Station (east), Moscow, Russia, 2015

Calling it more ‘polished’ than the New York subway system would be a bit of an understatement. The Moscow Metro project was undertaken in the 1930s, and has produced some of the most stunning architectural works in Russia.
Via Hyperallergic:

Under the slogan “The whole country is building the Metro,” nearly 75,000 workers toiled. These “palaces for the people,” as Stalin called them, were intended to remind the often hungry, downtrodden masses that their tax rubles had been well spent.

The resulting 200 subway stations are a lasting legacy, and until recently, they hadn’t been properly photographed for the world to see. Photographer David Burdeny spent a year fighting for the opportunity to capture these architectural marvels, and is currently the only person allowed to do so. The next time you’re in Moscow, go underground. Via FastCoDesign:

Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Moscow, Russia, 2015

Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Avoto Metro Station, St Petersburg, Russia, 2014

Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Elektrozavodskaya Station, Moscow, Russia, 2015

Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Kiyevsskaya Station, Moscow, Russia, 2015

Moscow Metro // Moss and Fog

Arbatskaya Metro Station, Moscow, Russia, 2015

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It’s that time of the year again, where scary is in fashion, and the ghosts come out to play. The Colossal Shop has a great “Horrorgami” book of kirigami (cut-and-fold) designs, with beautiful and spooky artwork that become awesome little scenes. By Paper Dandy. 
horrorgami :: moss and fog horrorgami :: moss and fog 2 horrorgami :: moss and fog 3 horrorgami :: moss and fog 4 horrorgami :: moss and fog 5

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