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There are many of us who have probably never picked up a bible, let alone read the various books within it. But the history and legend of the 66 books contained in the Bible are significant, and Pastor and graphic designer Joseph Novak has taken on the task of visually distilling each chapter into a single, beautiful poster. Pretty cool project, even for the uninitiated.

Via FastCo Design: Many of his posters broadly represent plot: the Book of Lamentations, for example, shows the destruction of Jerusalem reflecting in the pupil of an eye.

3027229-slide-01-genesis 3027229-slide-03-leviticus 3027229-slide-06-joshua 3027229-slide-9-samuel-01 3027229-slide-15-ezra 3027229-slide-18-job 3027229-slide-32-jonah 3027229-slide-38-zechariah

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Artist Josh Lewandowski really likes drawing diagrams. Even if they have no real meaning or context. His work is both humorous and begs the question, what is art? Do “work drawings” become art if they don’t actually represent something work-like? Either way, his drawings are fun and thought-provoking.




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Consider it geography study for the Tolkien hardcore. The Middle Earth Project is a scale 3D model of the entire Lord of the Rings world, including the Shire, Gondor, Carn Dum, and so much more it’ll make your head spin. And while Peter Jackson did a phenomenal job bringing Tolkien’s work to life, this takes it a step further, from a purely spacial point of view. Via FastCo Design:
3025558-slide-s-middle-earth-02  3025558-slide-s-middle-earth-06 3025558-slide-s-middle-earth-09 3025558-slide-s-middle-earth-13

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Flags of the world are fascinating. The history, the design, the colors, the associations. But rarely do flags tell more of a national story than these food-infographic-flag pieces. Created by ad agency WHYBIN\TBWA for the Sydney International Food Festival, they are wonderful and informative and delicious looking. Via Marvelous:

meat pie and sauce

curry chicken, rice, cheera thoran and papadum wafer

basil, pasta and tomatoes

dragon fruit and star fruit

United States
hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

tomatoes, pita bread and parsley


banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit


rambutan, lychee and starfruit


olives and feta cheese

South Korea
kimbap and sauces


blue cheese, brie cheese and grapes

United Kingdom

scone, cream and jams


Turkish Delight


chorizo and rice


spicy curries and rice


tuna and rice


sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab


charcuteries and swiss cheese

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It’s a funny, cutesy style, but artist and designer Alice Bouchardon has a clever and fascinating infographic on dogs. To think that all of the awesome, strange, goofy breeds we know today originated as wolves 33,000 years ago is pretty neat. Via FastCo Design:

Dog graphic

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Liza Nelson has a series that only a certain number of iPhone users may be familiar with. She’s recreated emoji icons in real life, using tangible equivalents.
From Nelson: Emojis mean everything and they mean nothing at the same time. They’re completely personal and completely universal. They’re really quite stupid.  Via Wired: 

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A design group called Foreal has a clever and interesting series of Planetary Anatomy images. Colorful, goopy, and almost delicious looking, these sculptures bring planets into a new and funky realm.

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Several very intelligent people have point-blank told me: If you want to succeed in the 21st century, learn Chinese.  The problem is, learning new languages can be very difficult, and Chinese is one of the most daunting.  Enter Chineasy, a new language-learning system using ingeniously-designed pictographs. Taking the Chinese characters and subtly transforming them into recognizable symbols and icons, Chineasy makes learning new words and phrases clever and fun. Take a look at their Kickstarter video and start learning some Chinese phrases!


Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 9.03.35 PM

Chineasy_WebV2_PERSON_Crowd_BIG Chineasy_WebV2_Phrases_FIRE_Volcano_BIG Chineasy_WebV2_TREE-17

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