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Irving Harper was a designer working alongside George Nelson in the 1960s. He designed the iconic Herman Miller logo, and even the Marshmallow sofa that was often attributed to George Nelson. But he didn’t get the recognition that many of his colleagues did. Now, a book called Irving Harper: Works in Paper, is out and stands as a beautiful tribute to this creative genius. Here are some of his personal paper projects, which look fantastically modern, 60 years on.  Beautiful stuff.

Via FastCoDesign:

1672056-inline-irvingharper-p116 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p173 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p156-1 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p148 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p101 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p090-4 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p090-3 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p085 1672056-slide-irvingharper-p063


2 Responses to “The Wondercrafts of Irving Harper”

  1. elettracavendish

    Gorgeous. I love paper, as I’ve commented before. And I remember the Marshmallow sofa, of course.

    Lovely post, time and time again… There is seldom anything you show that doesn’t trigger a strong aesthetic impression. Thank you for sharing all these treasures.


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