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The patience and dedication it takes to make these amazing images is something I don’t possess. But I’m really glad that Stephen Wilkes has the patience, because his work is incredible, and fascinating, and fun to see. His high-definition images are made up of up to 1000 frames taken from the same exact spot during the span of an entire day, and then painstakingly stitched together to form a seamless scene. Like compressing time-lapse video into a single photo, but without the blurring or overlap or wonkiness that might show up. Click on these images to see them large, they are truly stunning. Via Wired:




3 Responses to “A Full Day Compressed Into One Image”

  1. marksshoesbyevamarks

    One of the best images i ever saw! It is mind boggling to think about how could we possibly handle our days, would it still consist on a base of 24 hours or just pick your time daylight or nightlight and adjust as you go. An absolute new concept of perceiving “time” as we know. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing all these new dimensions of possible possibilities.


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