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Handmade window displays will always be objects of wonder, when they are done right. And this display for a Hermés store in Barcelona is definitely done right. Created entirely by hand, this intricate wonder includes painstakingly detailed paper objects down to the most minute detail. The real showpiece is the fox, made from colored leather. It’s stunning, and a work of art on it’s own.  Entitled The Fox’s Den. Designed and created by French design shop zim & zou Studio. Make sure to click the photos to see the details up close. Awesome work.
Via DesignBoom:

zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-10 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-09 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-08 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-07 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-06
zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-03 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-02 zim-zou-fox-den-window-hermes-barcelona-designboom-01



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