Mile High Observatory


One mile high. That’s the mark that has been promised, threatened, teased, for years. Someday, architects and engineers will successfully create a mile high tower, and it will present one hell of a view. The latest concept for a mile high observatory, Sky Park, comes from a collaboration between Carlo Ratti, Schlaich Bergermann Und Partner, and Atmos Studio. The enormous tower would be topped by a huge observation deck, with a style somewhat reminiscent of Cloud City in Star Wars. To get a sense of the tower’s size, the architect describes it this way:

‘Imagine you take New York’s Central Park, turn it vertical, roll it and twirl it,’


Via DesignBoom, this concept will be officially announced in March, with no plans for construction….yet.

carlo-ratti-the-mile-worlds-highest-vertical-park-and-observation-deck-cannes-designboom-02 carlo-ratti-the-mile-worlds-highest-vertical-park-and-observation-deck-cannes-designboom-04 carlo-ratti-the-mile-worlds-highest-vertical-park-and-observation-deck-cannes-designboom-06