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The Department of Energy released a number of handsome posters promoting renewable energy, and the clean energy loans that it has provided.  Reminiscent of the style of New Deal-era advertisements, these posters represent progressive energy policies and technology.  Via DOE:
DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_01_CSP_Full_533x800_0.0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_02_ATVM_Full_533x800.0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_03_ECON_Full_533x800 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_04_PV_Full_533x800_0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_05_WIND_Full_533x800-1.0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_06_GEO_Full_533x800_0.0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_07_BIO_Full_533x800.0 DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_08_NCLR_Full_533x800.0


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