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S.S. United States, the World’s Fastest Ocean Liner, May Sail Again

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In July 1952, on its maiden voyage, the S.S. United States shattered the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a passenger ship, steaming from New York to Le Havre in less than four days. – National Geographic

In it’s day, it was the pride of the ocean, the S.S. United States. A huge and majestic ship, longer than the Titanic, this ocean liner was (and still is!) the fastest ship to ever cross the Atlantic.  Sadly, it has been docked, rusting and rotting, on a pier in Philadelphia for the last twenty years. Stripped of it’s elaborate decor, the ship is now the shell of it’s former self, when it was a luxurious and classy was can be. But a conservation group, along with a possible new buyer, could bring this beautiful old ship back to life, albeit at an estimated $700 million price tag. Check out the photos below to see the ship today, and some peeks at it’s glory days. Via National Geographic:
01cruiseship.adapt.1900.1 02cruiseship.adapt.1900.1 04cruiseship.adapt.1900.1 05acruiseship.adapt.1900.1

SS-America-Ballroom SSUScutaway_800x400


One Response to “S.S. United States, the World’s Fastest Ocean Liner, May Sail Again”

  1. Jesse

    Although sad for something that was once beautiful…I love seeing the photos of the decay. I would love to spend a day walking around in her.


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