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Some of the Year’s Best Wildlife Photography

Take a look at some of the best photos from the Natural History Museum’s 2016 Wildlife Photographer of Year competition. A huge array of diversity, all beautifully captured.

fox peering over wall

Nosy Neighbor, Sam Hobson, UK


underwater scene

Collective Cuttlefish Courtship, Scott Portelli, Australia


Lion playing with pangolin

Playing Pangolin, Lance van de Vyver, South Africa


disappearing fish

The Disappearing Fish, Iago Leonardo, Spain


bat flying by broken window

Crystal Precision, Mario Cea, Spain


yellow billed hornbill

Termite Tossing, Willem Kruger, South Africa


27 Responses to “Some of the Year’s Best Wildlife Photography”

  1. Amber MV

    Beautiful photos! The fox is my favorite. Sneaky, curious, edging back into the city to spread her playful spirit. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Rohit Srivastava

    Wow wow and wow! Stunning pics !
    Loved it! Made the penultimate one my wallpaper right away!

  3. olloduk

    I just wanna be behind the camera taking such a breath catching sight one day.Feels like Love at first sight forever.

  4. Myra- watercolor and lettering artist

    Great animals and great pictures…how did you do it?


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