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Fans of mid-century 50’s charm, get ready to wipe the drool from your chin. This time-capsule home on Dallas’ “Disney streets” is a faithful and beautiful specimen, something I’m sure photos don’t do justice.

Every detail of this large and rare home is lovingly, painstakingly upkept, brimming with mid-century, “atomic ranch” style that is highly sought after. Designer Carlos Cardoza purchased the home in the 90’s, and spent considerable time making sure every detail was just right. Kidney shaped pool, with Big Boy sculpture? Check. Vintage modern kitchen, with diner-style details? Check.  It’s available for sale, for a cool $665,000. For some, this would be a steal. For most of us, we’ll just smile and drool a bit. Via MyModernMet:

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7 Responses to “Perfectly Preserved Mid Century Home in Dallas”

  1. pinklightsabre

    I hear Herb Alpert and the cocktail shaker going. Drool collecting on my chest now.


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