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Gray Malin is a photographer with a large sense of place. His work is fun and instinctual, and this latest series called “Art of Living” is an extension of his colorful imagination. Placing mid-century furniture on a mirrored floating platform, Malin uses the gorgeous backdrop of French Polynesia to take this scene to a new level. The result is dreamy and surreal, a bit oddball, but a very enticing place to hang out. Via DesignBoom:

gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog2 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog3 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog4 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog5 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog6 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog7 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog8


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