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I don’t care what party you belong to, or where your beliefs lay: November 8, 2016 was a disaster for our natural world.

President-elect Trump is by far the least qualified, most dangerous candidate to ever be elected to the highest office in the world, and he brings with him an enormous amount of miseducation, deceit, and outright lies when it comes to climate change and the natural world.

In electing Trump, the non-college-educated in this country have sent a message, although I don’t think they know what that message is, or what it means. What those of us with college educations and advanced degrees know, is that the next president of the United States has incredibly important decisions to make when it comes to the health of planet earth.


Trump’s vision for America is one of the early 1900’s, where we exploited resources at any cost, planet be damned. Burn all the coal you want, offshore oil wells, the more the merrier!  “A Chinese hoax”, he says, when describing climate change.

What most Americans don’t know, and possibly don’t care about, is the global ramifications of a superpower like us, flouting science and ignoring the perils all around us.  Increasing floods, hurricanes, landslides, as well as droughts and wildfires, are all to accelerate under a reality-denying administration like Trump’s.


In an age where knowledge is at your literal fingertips, people would rather elect a narcissistic, reality-TV star to power than a woman with decades of incredible experience. That alone creates a lot of cynicism. But combine that with incredible global peril, and a man who has promised to roll back President Obama’s hard-fought environmental achievements, and your head wants to explode.


At a time when the earth’s biological systems are failing, an absolute disaster of a man gets elected President, thanks to swarms of ignorant, uneducated white people.

So go ahead, blow your mountains apart for coal, Appalachia. C’mon, Wisconsin, let’s see more of your “rollin coal”, it’s fun to angrily pollute and offend!

I am truly scared for our future, and those of you with any type of education should be, too. The planet is in for dire days ahead.

Thanks, Trump.


3 Responses to “Idiots at the Helm”

  1. LG

    Thank you for this post. As much as the sexism, racism and homophobia of your new leader scares me, I think what will have lasting catastrophic consequences in the entire world is the environmental insensitivity. It really scares me because this is one thing that will affect the whole world and not your country alone.


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