5 Clever Ways to Style Your Alcove Space

Do you have alcoves in your home? These small, awkward spaces can be frustrating as a homeowner as it is not always clear how to use these areas and you will want to make the most out of every space that you have in the home. Although they can be tricky, you will find that there are lots of good ways to use alcoves that could make a big difference to your home. 



1. Create a Display Unit

One of the best ways to use this space is to create a display unit. Sometimes, alcoves are not practical spaces, but you can turn them into a visually appealing part of the room and somewhere to proudly display items whether this is ornaments, statues, flowers, or any kind of artwork. This will give the room more personality and style and allows you to decorate without taking up too much space in the room.


2. Shelving Space

An alcove can also be used for storage and this can be a smart use of the space. If it is in an area like the lounge, you could put up floating shelves that could then house your books, DVDs, albums, and anything else that you want to be able to access in this room. In the bedroom, you can use wardrobes built specifically for alcoves as a way to maximise space in the bedroom and reduce clutter. Turning an alcove into storage space should help to keep areas of the home tidier while still ensuring that you can easily access the items that you need. 


3. Feature Wall

You can even transform a dull alcove into the focal point of the room by making it a feature wall. You can make the alcove a visually interesting spot in the room by painting the area a different colour, creating a mirror gallery wall, and/or hanging a digital photo frame that changes the image (family photos will always make the space feel more homely!).


4. Library

If you are a bookworm then you should consider creating your library in an alcove. If you have space, you could even add a cosy reading nook where you can get lost in your latest story. It’s a fun, welcoming addition that doesn’t need to be complicated or overdone to add impressive pop to your space.


5. Mudroom

A practical use of an alcove near the front door is to make it a mudroom where you can drop off items when you arrive home. You can add a coat stand and shoe organiser so that you do not have to bring these items into the home. 

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for ways that you can use alcoves in the home. These spaces might seem awkward and frustrating, but there are many ways to transform these areas that could make a big difference to both your home and your life.