5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Winter Holiday this Year

Winter is a difficult month for many of us and it looks set to be even more difficult than usual this year. But when times are tough there is arguably no better time to go on a holiday and if you’ve never been on a winter break abroad before, why not? We’re not talking about a massive all-inclusive blowout here but a chance to escape from the drudgery of your daily life and explore another culture at a time when we’d otherwise just be wrapped up in blankets at home trying to keep warm. 

With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should perhaps be considering a winter holiday this year.


1. Cheaper than summer

We all know that hotels, flights, and package holidays ramp up their prices during the summer months because that’s where all the demand is. By instead deciding to take a trip in November or January, you’re bucking the trend and exploring options that are bound to be significantly less expensive. You might be able to afford to go somewhere during these months, for example, that you could never dream of affording in July or August. Take a look at winter dates, and see if there are prices that work better for you!



2. Escaping the cold

A little winter sun in an exotic location is an ideal escape from the cold wetness of the UK and the resulting cost in energy prices to keep warm. Take a trip to the Caribbean, the Emirates or the Canary Islands where the weather is warm and comfortable whatever the time of year and you’ll soon forget all about the thermostat at home. There’s something amazing about enjoying the warmth knowing that it’s bitterly cold back home. Enjoy it while you can.



3. Experiencing Christmas in another country

Christmas dominates the winter for a good reason – it’s the season’s only real silver lining and many of us need it to keep us sane. But Christmas is a global tradition that might be celebrated in more interesting and extravagant ways abroad than at home in the UK. Consider, for example, exploring some of the best Christmas markets Europe has to offer or maybe book a holiday to Disney World in Florida and experience how the Americans really go BIG for the festive season.


4. Taking a winter river cruise

Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you have to stop at a hotel. Consider a long river cruise for relaxation and a break along one of the many incredible European rivers. Or maybe consider taking a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords? Or even one that takes you around the Mediterranean for some winter sun on the move? River cruises are becoming popular for their relative simplicity and small sizes, compared to traditional cruise ships.



5. You don’t have to go far

If you don’t necessarily want to go abroad and are happy with a winter staycation there are lots of options to consider. Maybe you want to rent a log cabin and chill out in a hot tub for a weekend? Or maybe there’s a winter wonderland event in a nearby city you want to treat the kids to? There are dozens of options, and they are all so much more fun than staying at home with the heating cranked up to 11. Trust us.