5 Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2023

Do you still remember how difficult it was to plan a trip 7-10 years ago? To find information about the right place, it was necessary to study reference books and maps for hours. Fortunately, everything is much simpler now – the revolution in the field of social networks has had a positive impact on this. Today you can find all information on Instagram in a couple of clicks – see real photos and videos of places, find useful tips and real impressions.

Who are they, travel bloggers? These are people who spend most of their lives traveling, exploring new locations and collecting interesting facts. However, that’s not all they’re doing. In addition to traveling, they also have to develop a unique promotion strategy, and at times buy Instagram followers to speed up the promotion process and publish content regularly. Without this, their blog, like any other, will go unnoticed and fail.

Of particular importance are investments in the account – this allows to improve image, make the page more presentable and attractive. Account statistics are improving too and the fanbase is expanding – this is what makers need. Here are a collection of travelers who inspire with their exploration of the globe, their fearlessness in tackling new experiences.


The blog of a single traveler Kail is for those who appreciate nature and want to learn more about eco-friendly trips. On her page, the woman shares her impressions, tells about finds and interesting places. But that’s not all – she’ll also give advice on how to make your trip as environmentally friendly and safe as possible. Look at the Netherlands, Paris, Germany, Scotland and other countries through her eyes – you’ll definitely like it!


For the last couple of years Liz Carlson has been living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in New Zealand. Her blog will be useful to travelers who plan to explore this country in the near future. On her page you’ll find a lot of interesting things: local customs, great locations and tips for safe travel.


Important: Before we start talking about the other three bloggers, we want to remind you about supporting the authors of digital content – like and comment on  posts if you really like it. For you, these are just a few simple actions, but they’ve done a lot to become famous: they’ve been working on content for months, invested in an account (used the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers to grow fanbase and look more competitive) and traveled the world to collect nice photos and videos. Creators act consistently: first they invest to prove their social authority and grow an audience, after they start creating content. This affects the visibility of content – and we’re able to find the best ones for you. 



Inma and Jose aren’t only avid travelers, but also great photographers. They know how to capture the beauty and scale of nature, and it shows in their collections of travels.  If you’re in search of inspiration and places of incredible beauty, you will find it in their blog. Visit it right now!


Julie Falconer is one of the best travel bloggers on Instagram. She’s visited more than 110 countries, and knows all about places that will bring you joy as a traveler. Her experience throughout Europe is truly impressive.


Brooke has more than 10 years of solo travel, and she tells about each of them in unique traveler’s diary. She also talks about living in hotels: the pros and cons of such a lifestyle. Now Brooke is in Thailand and sharing her impressions with subscribers. It’s an exciting journey to join her (virtually) on. 

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