9 Mistakes with Hiring a Solar Panel Installer and How to Avoid Them

Wondering whether you made a mistake hiring a solar panel installer?

Of course, you want to be sure to pick the best company to install solar panels on your home’s roof. But it can be difficult to tell whether you hired a company that will do a good job at installing your solar panels.

If you want to get solar panels installed but feel unhappy with the company you hired, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.



1. Choosing an Unlicensed or Inexperienced Installer

Choosing an unlicensed contractor will not only compromise the installation but could expose home and business owners to legal liability if they are found to be negligent.

Inexperienced installers may not be familiar with current regulations, codes, and best practices, potentially resulting in a less-than-satisfactory solar power installation. To avoid these potential pitfalls, always make sure to check that any potential Solar Panel installer is licensed by a recognized organization and has obtained all permits required for the job.

Also, ensure that the installer is experienced in solar installations, and ask for referrals from past customers to ensure that they can adequately complete the task. Finally, get multiple bids and compare prices to make sure that the installer you choose is providing the best service at the best price.




2. Not Considering the Installer’s Warranty and Maintenance Services

When hiring a solar panel installer, one of the most important considerations to make is whether the installer provides warranty and maintenance services. Not considering this factor can result in a great deal of hassle and cost down the line when solar panels malfunction or require repair.

It is wise to ask potential installers about the type of warranty and maintenance services they offer and if there’s a fee associated with them. Additionally, customers should check through a solar panel installer’s past work and reviews to ensure the quality of their services, as well as their service record for warranty and maintenance services.

By researching the background and qualifications of the solar installer, customers can save time and money in the long run and avoid making costly mistakes with the installation of their solar panel system.


3. Choosing an Installer Based on Price Alone

When hiring a solar panel installer, it is important to avoid choosing one based on price alone. It is important to consider other factors such as experience, quality of installation, and even customer service instead of just looking at the bottom line.

Many times, an inexpensive installer may offer inferior-quality of installation or may overlook important details when performing the work. Mistakes made due to inexperience or cutting corners can cost you in the long run.

It is important to do some research on different companies to make sure that they have the solar installation experience that you are looking for. Ask for references from previous clients and read customer reviews to see if previous customers had any complaints about the installer or the quality of the job.

Finally, ask for the installer’s credentials and check with the relevant certifying bodies to verify the installer’s qualifications and make sure they are compliant with the necessary safety standards. Doing this extra legwork can help you ensure that you are getting the best quality installation for the best price.



4. Not Considering the Type of Solar Panels Used

When considering hiring a solar panel installer, it is important to think about the type of panels you need for your home’s energy-saving goals. Not all solar panels are the same, and different types suit different situations better.

Different panels also come with different features and warranties, not to mention varying costs. Not considering the type of solar panel used could prove to be a costly mistake, as cheaper panels may not have the same lifespan, efficiency, or size as the more expensive premium panels.

As such, it is vital to research the options available and assess the best choice for your home. The installer should be able to guide and advise in this decision but make sure to do your research too.

Additionally, check references and company qualifications prior to committing to a provider to avoid mistakes when hiring a solar panel installer.



5. Failing to Get Multiple Quotes

When it comes to hiring a solar panel installer, the failure to get multiple quotes can lead to a number of costly mistakes down the road. By not getting multiple quotes, homeowners run the risk of being overcharged for services, as some installers may add on extra services without informing the homeowner.

Homeowners also risk being taken advantage of if they are not familiar with the specific terms of their contract, as some installers may not negotiate the best possible price for the job at hand.

To avoid these potential mistakes, homeowners should always get multiple quotes from different installers. This will help to ensure that the best quality service is being offered at the best possible price point. Additionally, by reviewing multiple quotes, the homeowner can have much-needed leverage when negotiating services and pricing.

Overall, getting multiple quotes is a critical aspect in ensuring that hiring a solar panel installer does not result in costly mistakes in the future.



6. Overlooking the Importance of Customer Service

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a solar panel installer is overlooking the importance of customer service. It’s important to find someone who will not only install the panels correctly but who will be available to answer questions and provide customer service throughout the entire process.

To ensure you are getting someone who will prioritize customer service, make sure to read reviews of the company and ask a lot of questions during the hiring process.

Make sure they will not only be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the installation process but also afterward if any issues arise.

There is no need to rush into the decision. Do your research and make sure you choose someone who will put your customer service needs first.


7. Ignoring Online Reviews and Testimonials 

Hiring a solar panel installer is an important decision because it can make or break your entire residential solar system installation. Unfortunately, many customers fail to research and look into the solar panel installer’s past performance.

Ignoring online reviews and testimonials can lead to some costly mistakes. Online reviews and testimonials are valuable sources of information, and customers should take the time to read them carefully.

They can provide important insight into the competency and professionalism of the solar panel installer. Furthermore, customers should also view past projects and photographs of the solar panel installations to get an idea of the type of quality they can expect.

Taking the time to research and read these sources of information can help customers make more informed decisions and avoid hiring the wrong solar panel installer.



8. Not Considering the Installer’s Approach to Energy Efficiency

When hiring a solar panel installer, it is important to consider the installer’s approach to energy efficiency. Many installers offer packages that include extensive energy efficiency measures, such as the installation of energy-efficient appliances and other energy-saving strategies.

It is important to ensure the installer you select offers not just efficient solar panel installation but also helps to maximize energy efficiency. This could mean the installer incorporating insulation and proper energy-monitoring systems into their installation.

Simply choosing the cheapest provider may not be the best approach in the long run if their energy efficiency services are inadequate. Taking the time to thoroughly interview potential installers of solar panels near you and inquire into their approach to energy efficiency, as well as their experience in the field, can help avoid costly mistakes in the long term.



9. Choosing an Installer Based Solely on Location 

Hiring a solar panel installer is a big investment, and it is important to choose the right one. One common mistake that people make is choosing an installer based solely on location.

While it might save time and money to choose an installer who is close by, it is not a good idea to pick someone solely based on their proximity. It is important to research the company’s reputation, speak to previous customers, and make sure the installer is up to date on the latest technologies and has the proper certifications.

Read online reviews and ensure any installer you consider is experienced in the kind of system you need. It is essential to ask questions and make sure the installer is familiar with your property, utility rates, and area regulations.

Taking the time to get the right installer will make the process go more smoothly and give you the best results.


Explore Hiring a Solar Panel Installer

It is important to be prepared and informed when considering hiring a solar panel installer. This will most likely be a long-term commitment. Ensure you have researched the installer thoroughly.

Make sure that their products and services are the right fit for you and that you are both on the same page in regard to the cost and timeline. Once you’re satisfied on this front and ready to go, contact your potential solar panel installer and get the ball rolling.

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