Doing nothing is often underrated. PLACE is key in such an activity, and I was fortunate enough to choose an incredible spot to do nothing in over the last few weeks.

White Sand Beach is as you would expect paradise to be. Hot, lush, colorful and inviting. Beach umbrellas and lounge chairs spread out, small charming bungalows tucked together on the sand, smells of salt and sea mixed with coconut and Thai spices. Clinking of glasses, the calm lapping of the small surf.  My friends and I came for the beach, and stumbled upon THE beach. We set up camp at a little spot called Pen’s Bungalows, and didn’t leave for a week. A slight guilt of not changing routines set in, but it was quickly washed away by the sunwashed beauty of the place. I thoroughly took advantage of this newfound laziness, ordering up fresh coconut shakes by the armful, getting traditional Thai massages whenever the desire crept up, and swimming constantly. The water in the Gulf of Thailand was really sublime, a temperature so warm it would have been illegal not to enjoy it.  At night we’d watch the squid boats set up shop on the horizon, their lights forming a false shore in the distance.  The key hurdles to overcome were to decide between Panang curry with seafood or that fried rice with fresh pineapple that made you drool last night.

I read a crumpled up New Yorker, ordered many rounds of Mehkong Whiskey + soda, and pretty much just put the brain on hold, letting myself enjoy this tropical excursion fully.  Sunburn? Bring it on.

That being said, I also kept myself busy, exploring the island by motorbike, hiking to waterfalls, souvenir shopping, etc. But it was the beach I called home, and could see why people leave their cities for good and just simplify their lives on the ocean.

Cheers to Thailand!