American Airlines Rebrand


Via DesignBoom:
The evolution of a true American icon

American Airlines is one of but a handful of brands considered true American icons.
Strong and proud, its silverbirds are fixtures in the sky, and its namesake sense of
possibility inspires deep loyalty. Today, the company’s also invested in that most
american of ideals: Progress.

American recognized it was time for a new look to better reflect the progress of its
multi-year journey towards modernizing the airline and its customer experience.

The new look, the next step in American’s overarching transformation is inspired
by the company’s heritage and incorporates colors and symbols universally associated
with American. A reimagined logo, called the ‘flight symbol’ evokes the star, ‘A’,
and iconic eagle of american’s past, all brought to life in refreshed shades of red,
white and blue. Together, they reflect a more modern, vibrant and welcoming spirit.

The logo also debuts alongside a boldly reimagined livery. With proud stripes and
a timeless silver body, the livery expresses american’s origins but also the spirit
of modern America: innovative, progressive and open to the world.

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