Boox Aims to Replace Those Millions of Cardboard Boxes with Reusable Mailers

Most of us are guilty of it. The mountain of cardboard that builds up after our online deliveries.  No matter how much we flatten, smash, and recycle that cardboard, it all adds up. And even recycled cardboard comes from trees initially.

Boox is a new company with a strong, reusable container that they hope will make a dent in all of those cardboard boxes.

Their flat-pak box designs are made out of strong corrugated polypropylene and heavy-duty Velcro, which are meant to be reused over and over in their circular economy model. Users will receive their goods, and then return the Booxes to a central drop-off point, at which time they are reused for shipping again.

They also offer Boox Bags, which could replace the millions of single-use plastic sleeves and bags used in shipping.

A QR code in each box directs consumers to over 6,000 drop-off places, rewarding them with incentives for returning, and helping to eliminate package waste.

It’s a great idea, and one we hope catches on. Via The Dieline:



Boox Boxes assemble in seconds without packaging tape, eliminating yet another piece of single-use trash in your supply chain.

Booxes are stronger than cardboard and will protect your shipments in rain or snow.

Reduce damage & loss, make merchandise returns smoother, improve your bottom line.”