CasiCielo, An Ambitious Eco-Tourism Resort in Panama Geared Toward Entrepreneurship

12 years in the planning, CasiCielo is an ambitious and dramatic eco-resort being built in Panama’s Bocas Del Toro region. Set on a beautiful archipelago surrounded by a 45,000 acre protected natural reserve, the development is set to include 75 turn-key sites including overwater bungalows, in addition to a 118 room Viceroy hotel, and dozens of other private residences.


The unique layout of the resort, combined with a desire for collaboration, interaction, and thought leadership, the developers are seeking a place where great ideas come to life, with onsite incubators, labs, as well as amazing natural beauty and access to world class surfing and diving. The design and build plans to be especially carefully done, with great care for the natural environment, and fostering a greater care for natural resources in South America.  Read more on DesignBoom:


The canvas of CasiCielo inspires thinkers and professionals in all disciplines, from art and culture, to technology, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. ‘We are exploring long-term institutional relationships with think tanks and incubators in such relevant fields as sustainability, environmentalism, oceanic studies and longevity to establish meaningful partnerships at CasiCielo.’

 Co-developer Moshe Levi