Catch the Brightest Fall Colors with the 2022 Foliage Tracker Map

Fall colors are upon us in the the US, and with them comes the joy of seeing hillsides of trees at their colorful peak. Different places reach their peak at different times, obviously, due to altitude, but also longitude and latitude.

Luckily, there are handy resources developed just for such occasions. has a very cool interactive map that lets people see exactly when foliage will be at its peak in various parts of the United States.

Based on a range of scientific predictions and forecasts, the map is surprisingly accurate. Here’s to a colorful season of fall leaves.

“In 2013, potential visitors to the Smoky Mountain region began asking us questions about when the leaves would be most brilliant. From these questions, we built the first version of the fall leaf map and have consistently improved it each year. What started as a fun side-project quickly became the most respected nationwide fall leaf map and one of the best fall resources in the country.  Now, tens of millions of people use our map each year to plan vacations, weddings, and photography trips. However, the most common use is individuals using the leaf map to check when leaves will peak near their home.”