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128 Years of National Geographic Infographics


A lot of us grew up with stacks of yellow National Geographic magazines around, their iconic shape and consistently wonderful photography giving us glimpses of the world, near and far. Often the magazines include fold-out maps and excellent infographics. But did you know that the magazine pretty much invented the formula? Their infographics have been going back for more than 128 years. Now National Geographic has teamed up with Taschen to publish a beautifully rich collection of these graphics, including many you’ll recognize, and many you’ve probably missed. An epic journey broken down into seven sections: History, The Planet, Being Human, Animal World, World of Plants, Science & Technology, and Space. We can’t wait to get a copy.


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Andrew Fairclough’s Insider Guides


Andrew Fairclough takes the idea of a city guide for Australia’s international students, and makes them personal with this series of designs. Full of detail and beautifully executed, these would look great as a framed series.

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Dream Workspace, Illustrated

In a very colorful, pop-art execution, Ben the Illustrator asked Twitter: “What is your dream workspace?” The resulting polls helped to dictate the amalgamated design, which you can investigate, below. A very cool and clever crowdsourced experiment.


Click the images for a closer look.
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Forms in Nature

Motionographer gathers beautiful and impactful examples of motion design, and this video by Chromosphere is pretty stunning. Amazing forms, colors, points of view. Great work. Thanks to JM for the hat-tip. 

FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe from Chromosphere on Vimeo.

Screenshot 2016-03-04 09.28.39 Screenshot 2016-03-04 09.28.50 Screenshot 2016-03-04 09.29.03 Screenshot 2016-03-04 09.29.29 Screenshot 2016-03-04 09.29.47

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Movie Posters Reinvented in Neon

Italian brothers known as Van Orton Design have redesigned classic movie posters in a bold new way. Utilizing a central vanishing point and using vibrant neon-style colors, their designs take movies out of their normal context and into a new dimension. Via DesignBoom:

van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters1 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters2 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters3 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters4 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters5 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters6 van-orton-design-one-point-perspective-neon-film-posters7

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Processed Food, Deconstructed

Reading a tiny ingredient list on the back of a package is one thing. Seeing the ingredients side by side is a more impactful way to know what goes into your snacks. Photographer Dwight Eschliman and Steve Ettlinger have a new book called Ingredients that show just that, the nitty gritty bits of stuff that go into common processed foods. Via the WashingtonPost:

Doritos Deconstructed


Campbell's Soup Deconstructed

Campbell’s Soup

Twinkies Deconstructed


Oroweat Bread Deconstructed

Oroweat Bread

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Cactus in Bloom

National Geographic has a great look at cactuses in bloom. These spiky plants don’t flower as often as others do, but their blooms are pretty remarkable.
time-1 time-2 time-3

Freaky Flowers: Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom from EchinopsisFreak on Vimeo.

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Herman Miller’s Picnic Posters


Steve Frykholm is Herman Miller’s VP of Creative Design, and a personal friend. He is famous for a myriad of designs for Herman Miller, but hugely for his Summer Picnic series, which permanently hang in the MOMA in New York.

Here’s a short look of the history behind the posters.


WHY_PicnicPosters_03 WHY_PicnicPosters_05 WHY_PicnicPosters_07


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Vacation Mars Posters by SpaceX

When they’re not resupplying the International Space Station or planning much bigger adventures, SpaceX apparently has a fun and whimsical team that can draw. These inspiring retro-futuristic tourism posters show people vacationing on Olympus Mons (the highest peak in the solar system), see Mars’ moons, Phobos and Deimos, and more. Perhaps inspired by NASA’s own exoplanet tourism posters, it’s fun to see serious companies showing an artistic and exploratory side.
17071818163_66adaafda2_k 17504334828_6d727a0ecf_k 17504602910_a939b425ba_k

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Ocean Worlds and Potential Alien Life

At a media event to discuss the Solar System and the search for signs of alien life, NASA has some real confidence that we will discover signs of life within our lifetime.

 “I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years.”  – NASA Chief scientist Ellen Stofan

They also shared a really fascinating and detailed infographic. Click on the graphic to see it full size. Via NASA:


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