Chaoyang Park Plaza in Beijing

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Located in the heart of the central business district, the Chaoyang Park Plaza designed by MAD Architects is nearing completion, and it’s one for the ages.  Looking like something out of the year 2117, Chaoyang Park Plaza is a complex of multiple buildings that are designed to mimic the mountain cliffs and river landscapes of China. The tallest building reaches 120 meters, and is flanked by it’s siblings, with organic, undulating forms of curving glass. The buildings’ futuristic forms look like nothing else in the world of skyscrapers, and are set to make a permanent mark on Beijing’s skyline. Multi-level terraces on the top feature public gardens and a great viewing platform to peer down on the city below.

We have an unabashed love of skyscrapers and architecture, and applaud bold efforts like Chaoyang Park Plaza, and the cities that embrace them. Read more on DesignBoom:

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this project transforms the traditional model of buildings in a modern city’s central business district,’ explains MAD architects. ‘by exploring the symbiotic relationship between modern urban architecture and natural environment, it revives the harmonious co-existence between urban life and nature. it creates a shanshui city where people can share their individual emotions and a sense of belonging.’

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