Clever Ways of Incorporating Radiators and Heaters into Your Room Design

Winter can be a very cold and uncomfortable season – especially if you don’t have heaters or radiators installed in your home or office. But as much as these are lifesavers, they can be quite unsightly and may detract from your overall room design. This blog post will discuss simple ways to safely incorporate your radiators and heaters into the aesthetic of your room, so you can enjoy a warm and stylish winter season.



Upgrade your radiators

Many older radiator models are quite large and stick out prominently on interior walls. You may therefore want to upgrade to more modern versions which are slimmer and sleeker and are more likely to fit seamlessly into the design of your room. You could also experiment with painting the radiator panels themselves, so that they fit right in with the colours or patterns on your walls. From a safety perspective, newer radiator models are also less likely to need regular maintenance, although it is still important to check them once every 3-6 months, including the settings, connections, and parts of the heater or radiator, to ensure everything is working correctly. If you notice any issues, it’s best to have them fixed immediately by a qualified professional.



Radiator covers

You should always exercise caution when covering your radiators directly, as this can cause them to overheat, leading to potential damage or even a fire hazard down the road. However, there are many ways you can cover your radiators stylishly and safely to hide them away from view whilst adding an interesting design feature to your room. If you want something decorative for your radiator, choose an open-air cover that allows air circulation around the radiator itself. This will help prevent it from overheating and becoming dangerous. 



Careful positioning

If you have a portable electric heater, you may want to rearrange the furniture in your room so that it is out of sight for visitors and guests, yet still provides them with blasts of warmth to create a cosy atmosphere during the winter months. Placing a heater behind or next to a sofa or armchair, for example, is an ideal way to create a comfy space for you to curl up with a film or a book. However, make sure the heater is not too close to your soft furnishings, as this may eventually lead to discolouration if left on for too long. It’s also important not to position them directly underneath windows since this could cause drafts which would reduce their efficiency significantly.



Blend in with storage

There are ways in which disguising your heating elements can also have highly practical functions for you and your home, so that you can concentrate on style without having to sacrifice practicality and convenience. For example, a large vented box mounted on a wall can fulfil two purposes simultaneously; keeping areas of your home well heated by allowing the heat from the radiator to diffuse through the holes in the box and into your space, whilst also acting as a convenient display shelf for anything from mirrors to picture frames and flower vases.

By thinking carefully about how much use you get out of your heaters and radiators, you can make design choices which are safe and stylish to build heating elements seamlessly into your home design, ensuring that you are kept warm and comfortable right the way through winter.