Clothing Line Designed to Confuse AI Cameras and Conceal Your Identity

In an era of biometric data and over-surveillance, the idea of a garment that conceals your identity is pretty welcomed.

Italian start-up Cap_able has a line of knitted clothing that is designed to confuse AI-enabled cameras, without the need to cover the user’s face. The patterns on the clothing are intended to render a wearer ‘invisible’ to cameras that are trained to recognize people and faces. It’s a company with real, purchasable products, but also on a mission to start a conversation of our society’s overuse of this identity-gathering technology.

‘Each garment sports a pattern, known as an “adversarial patch,” which was developed by AI algorithms to confuse facial recognition software in real-time and protect the wearer’s privacy.’


The video below shows users interacting with YOLO recognition software, considered one of the best in the industry for capturing and recognizing people. As you can see, those in regular clothes are instantly identified by the camera, while the woman wearing a Cap able garment is unrecognized by the system.

Read more about their mission and this innovative clothing on Cap able’s website.