Colorful Dutch Treats from The Rounds

We hadn’t heard of Dutch Kaaskoekjes treats before, but now we’re all ears, thanks to these delightful creations from bakeshop The Rounds in Brooklyn.

Traditionally, Kaaskoekjes, or ‘cheese puffs’, are savory crackers that the Dutch enjoy at tea time or as snacks. There is a long history of these buttery treats, and baker Anna Harrington tries to elevate them, with her own take, which includes sweet versions as well as savory.



Her shop in Brooklyn, The Rounds, takes pride in making beautiful delicate treats, all a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. She has a collection of flavors including:

Curry Cashew, Parmesan Olive, Gruyére Date, Salami Idiazabal Rosemary, Apricot Pistachio Fennel, Anchovy Scallion, Sweet, Vegan Sweet, Cocoa Sweet, and Toasted Sweet.

Her shop also goes to extraordinary lengths to remove any plastic from her packaging, composting all food scraps, and paying for carbon offsets for shipping.

Via Design Milk: