Covid-19’s Human Toll in America Shown in One Photo

A striking memorial to the American victims of Covid-19 includes over 650,000 small white flags, placed in a grid on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Famed photographer Stephen Wilkes captured the memorial in one epic image, composed of over 4,800 photos, taken throughout day and night, all stitched seamlessly into one image. It’s his trademark style, where the image starts on the left in daytime, and transitions to night on the right.

Tragically, the human toll in the United States has now reached 700,000, making the Covid-19 pandemic the most deadly in American history.

Via PetaPixel:

“As detailed in a story on National Geographic, Wilkes explains that he took the photo on September 18 and 19, starting before sunrise and finishing after sunset. Overall, the finished image is made up of 4,882 photographs captured over the course of 30 hours.”