Easy Ways to Improve your Car’s Look and Performance

A car is a complex piece of machinery that’s exposed to all kinds of stresses over the course of its life. As such, you can expect its performance to deteriorate over time. Keeping the vehicle in good condition means performing basic maintenance of several different kinds. 

In some cases, you can make a car even better than it was when it rolled off the factory floor. The addition of a few choice components can hugely improve the quality of life you enjoy behind the wheel, and allow older vehicles to keep pace with newer ones with modern features. After you’re done upgrading, you might treat yourself to a basic car service to ensure that everything is working.

Improving the look

So, what changes might you make to improve the design of the car? 


Body kits

This will add customised bumpers and spoilers to your vehicle, changing its silhouette. It’s an aesthetic upgrade, for the most part, and the amount you bolt on will tend to depend on personal taste more than anything else.


Interior lights

Adding high quality LED strips to your car’s interior can add a premium touch to an older vehicle, and provide a practical benefit, too. If you need to see around your footwell, then they’re ideal. Go for LED lights over neon ones: they’re more efficient.


The sound system

This isn’t a visual change, but it is an aesthetic one. Adding a subwoofer to the rear of your car can make a big difference to the quality of sound you enjoy. On the other hand, changing the cones throughout your vehicle might make more sense if you aren’t listening to bass-heavy music.


Improving Performance

If you’re more concerned by how effectively your car can get from one place to another, then there are a few modifications worth looking at.



Replacing the tyres will improve your vehicle’s ability to grip the road, which will result in a superior driving experience. Make sure that they’re adequately inflated, too. Check that your tread depth is well above the legal minimum, and do it regularly.



If you’re going to be adding performance-improving parts to your car, then you need a brake system to match. Modern disk brakes make for a substantial upgrade over older drum brakes.


ECU program

With computers being handed more and more responsibility in a modern car, the benefits of having a modern ECU system become difficult to resist. You can remap your engine with the help of specialised computers with specialised software. 


Cold air intake

This will allow you to add a little more air into your fuel intake, which in turn will allow your engine to burn through more fuel, which means greater horsepower. It’s one of the more effective upgrades that you can make.