Furniture Reimagined

wood animals by marc sparfel made from abandoned furniture

Wood animals by Marc Sparfel made from abandoned furniture. 

Abandoned furniture that has no purpose any more or simply isn’t fashionable. However, the ever-changing cycle of designs of outdated chairs,
wardrobes and hat stands become a truly urban forest growing out of the asphalt, climbing street lamps and walls in the work of french artist marc sparfel.
Excited by these discarded objects, sparfel hand picks the best pieces, and back in his workshop, begins the process of transforming them,
sometimes slow and painful but always intuitive, in search of finding a new elegance and poetry for the wooden pieces in the form of his own choosing.

‘couple anubis’

‘la girafe’


‘guerrier I’

left: ‘homme’, 90 x 30 x 40 cm
right: ‘femme’, 90 x 35 x 50 cm

‘la victoire de samothrace’

‘oiseau senufo II’

‘petit lion’

‘petite antilope’



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