Google’s Little Signals Explores the Concept of Ambient Notifications

We’ve approached an era where digital technology provides us with too much information, often times an overload that is more distracting than it is helpful.

Google, who is the cause of a lot of this overload, also wants to be part of the solution. They have an initiative called Little Signals, which is exploring the ways that technology can support us in the background, with subtle, ambient movements that denote that your attention is needed.

Designed in collaboration with design agency AKQA, the friendly items are experiments that move, turn, tap, and pulse to indicate that your digital world might need your attention.

We like the idea of a calmer integration of technology than the rapid-fire pings or bell sounds that we get from our laptops and phones. 📱

“Many everyday objects find subtle ways to inform us – from the moving hands of a clock to the whistle of a kettle.

Building on calm technology principles, Little Signals continues that theme and explores how we might stay up-to-date with digital information while maintaining peaceful moments.”