Greenpeace Sends a Giant Wave of Plastic Waste Down Onto Boris Johnson’s Eco Incompetence

Wasteminster” is the name of this powerful new video by Greenpeace, showing the scale of Britain’s plastic waste problem, and the failure to act by the government.

We see a belligerent Boris Johnson (in caricature) giving a speech about his country’s success on the waste front, while an enormous wave of plastic rains down on him and parliament. Watch the short video below.

There are moments of humor and levity, but the short spot ends on a very sobering tone, showing the sheer volume of waste that the UK dumps on other countries every single day.

We also see the cynicism of government and leaders, who speak a big game, but rarely follow up their talk with meaningful action.

Powerful and impactful. We need to tackle plastic waste as a global community, now.

Via DesignBoom: