Hypocrisy & Outrage

I try not to be too overtly political on my blog, especially since it’s often design/film/’pretty stuff’ related, but I’ve never been afraid of wearing my opinions on my sleeves.

The current bellowing in Washington about budget woes, and the hyper-misinformed Tea Party that keeps shouting for drastic cuts has reached a new high. Boehner and his fellows have decided that absurdly large additional Federal cuts need to be made, many of which seem simply chosen for partisan reasons.  Take the cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds NPR and PBS.

These organizations, as well as groups like Planned Parenthood are on the GOP chopping block, and they seem unwilling to back down from such egregious affronts.  This would be enough of an outrage, if I didn’t just learn about Evangelical Liberty University, and the fact they are receiving $445 million dollars in Federal funding, more than all of CPB’s 420 million.

CPB is a non-profit funding public radio and TV.

Liberty is a private Christian college that teaches Creationism.

Via Salon:
That massive sum was thanks to the growth of Liberty’s online program, which enrolled 52,000 students last year. The school is the No. 1 recipient of Pell grant money in the state of Virginia. While it may seem like the federal government is basically subsidizing this formerly financially challenged ultra-conservative religious private school, LU’s executive director of financial aid sees it differently.

Liberty University — where the biology department teaches Young Earth Creationism — is, astoundingly, an accredited school of higher learning.

the biology department teaches Young Earth Creationism

This is absurdity. We as citizens are supposed to feel like our best interests are being put in place by Republicans who want us on ‘sound fiscal footing’.  They want to do this by cutting the organization that protects our air and water, the organization that provides family planning, and organizations that give us some of the most honest, non-partisan journalism anywhere.  Yet we’re simultaneously funding these huge private universities with extremist views on religion. Our Founding Fathers would not be pleased, and neither am I.