Impactist: An Inspiration

When traipsing from blog to blog, article to article on the internet, I often come across designs or films or videos that make me pause and think “damn, that’s amazing. I should be doing stuff like that.”

And when I happened across Impactist yesterday, I got a double whammy. Not only is their work fluid and gorgeous and dynamic, but it’s poignant and poetic at the same time. And to top it all off, they’re a married couple from Portland!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they lived down the street from me, to be honest. You never know the creativity buzzing in the houses with their shades drawn, in this town. It’s pretty great to know people are out there, right this minute, making art, deepening our culture bit by bit.

Cheers to Impactist and their beautiful work. I may be slightly envious of such talent, but I’m mostly proud. Keep it up.