Impressive Public Art by Ken Kelleher Are Actually “Virtual Sculptures”

Public art of significant scale is usually a very expensive, complicated process, with location approvals, permits, build costs, and maintenance. Not to mention the public locations, which usually come with many hurdles and strings attached. Ken Kelleher has a series of ‘virtual sculptures’ that buck that entire notion. Using his skills as a designer and renderer, he’s created a collection of large, impressive sculptures that exist only in pixels. For now, at least.


Superimposing the dramatic sculptures in well known places throughout the world, he’s created a type of experiential art that gives you a convincing impression of what the actual built pieces would look like.


The work for now exists only onscreen. But his methods and realistic renderings have caught the eye of a number of cities.


Kelleher’s virtual sculptures give him limitless flexibility, allowing him to place them in famous places around the world. They also allow for great opportunities in the realms of VR and AR.   Via MyModernMet:


Check out more of Kelleher’s impressive collection on his website.