Incredibly Lifelike Cardboard Animal Sculptures by Josh Gluckstein

Artist Josh Gluckstein has always had a love of wildlife, which has inspired the artwork that

However, the medium he’s recently been working with defies expectations, and shows how skillful he is at creating lifelike, realistic animals.

Using recycled cardboard, Gluckstein carefully crafts sculptures of lions, orangutans, elephants, pangolins and more, all with a high level of realism and detail.  Minimally painted, the sculptures are made from ripped and cut scraps of cardboard, layered and shaped in a way that brings the animal’s faces to life.

See more of Gluckstein’s impressive work on his portfolio, and Instagram.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

From Gluckstein:

“I remember going to the Galapagos Islands and visiting a beach famous for a large population of sea lions. It was indeed incredible to see them in the wild, but on every inch of sand not covered by sea lions, there were plastic bottles and cans. It was a heartbreaking sight. I knew I wanted to create artwork that didn’t create waste and harm our planet.”