iPad Gaming, in a Pigsty

Via Eater:

There’s a lot of talk these days about improving the quality of life for animals destined to end up as dinner, and the iPad app concept Pig Chase takes the concept digital. Dutch researchers across several disciplines (technological and, you know, agricultural) are working together to create the app, which allows human users to interact with actual pigs via an iPad and a giant touchscreen in the pig pen. When a human finger and a porcine nose touch equivalent points on their respective screens, the human’s score goes up and the pig gets to see a light display.

Benefit for humans: getting to compare high scores with their friends. Benefit for pigs: according to the developers, “humans are transformed into a source of entertainment.” The pigs win out in this equation. Here’s a video demo:

Playing with Pigs: Pig Chase from Utrecht School of the Arts on Vimeo.