MAD Architects Envision a Solar Powered Hyperloop

The ambitious minds of at MAD have shown us a possible future for the vaunted Hyperloop, which in theory will whisk people through vacuum tubes at speeds of up to 700mph.

Their concept draws on the various test projects currently underway, and also pushes the envelope, with a solar-covered tube system, elevated to nearly 7 meters, removing any potential collision issues with existing traffic. The near-supersonic transportation system was connected by Elon Musk back in 2013, and in the years since, multiple companies have built prototypes, some of which have even gotten initial contracts to build, like a recent approval by India to build a link between Mumbai and Pune.

We think this latest concept is an elegant and sustainable take on the futuristic technology. The Hyperloop systems have thus far only hit 288mph in testing, and have  yet to have human tests, so we remain somewhat dubious on how quickly we’ll see projects built. Via Dezeen: