Mattel Introduces Jane Goodall Barbie Made from Recycled Plastic

Living legend Jane Goodall has spent her life dedicated to the study of animals, and the protection of the environment where wild animals live.

She has been named a UN Messenger of Peace, and her work as an anthropologist has changed what we know about chimpanzees, among many other animals.

Mattel has recently released a Jane Goodall Barbie doll, in their series of Inspiring Women. Made from ocean-bound recycled plastic, the doll aims to inspire the next generation of thinkers, activists, and scientists.

The Dr. Jane Goodall doll comes with accessories and Goodall’s favorite animal companion, chimpanzee David Graybeard.

“Kids need more role models like Dr. Jane Goodall, because imagining they can be anything is just the beginning—seeing it makes all the difference” 

        – Lisa McKnight, Mattel