Midair Mixology – Deconstructed Cocktails

Some remarkable deconstructed cocktail images by Paloma Rincón, showcasing artisan gin drinks in midair.  Part of a collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, Rincón and others created unique and beautiful cocktail recipes, and photographed the results in high-speed capture for extra deliciousness. Below are some of the results. Via Behance:

Tess House Punch by Marcis Dzelzainis
Bombay Sapphire, Reindeer Moss, Verjus, Lemongrass.06b44670167583.5b9a4441bc572

White – Rosé – Red by Ann-Sophie Brune-Bau
Bombay Sapphire, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Camomile, Green Walnut, Celery14e47170167583.5b9a4441bdc09

Bombay Sapphire infused botanicals:
Liquorice, Coriander, Lemon Peel,Almonds, Cinamon, Grains of Paradise and Juniper Berries. 0499e170167583.5b9a4441bbc87

High Tide by Juan Valls
Bombay Sapphire, Pine Tree Sap, Lemon Verbena, Fino Sherry, Verjus 2213e170167583.5b9a4441bc0af

The Dante Martini by Naren Young

Bombay Sapphire, Noilly Prat, Kummel, Toasted Fennel (hinojo), Salt, Champagne Vinegar