MSCHF Introduces WD-40 Scented Cologne for Those Wanting to Smell Like Hard Work

MSCHF is a New-York Based art collective creating outlandish projects and products that fit our society’s current personality.

They’ve been on a role lately, with a number of absurd takes on clothing, footwear and even personal finance.

Their latest project is a cologne that smells like the lubricating tool oil WD-40.

The tongue-in-cheek product is styled to look like the iconic blue cans, and apparently smells like the real thing, which is both hilarious and odd.

And while there is something mildly appealing about the scent of WD-40, smelling like a well-greased door hinge isn’t necessarily our cup of tea.

That humor wasn’t lost on others, and the limited run of “Smells Like WD-40” sold out immediately.