Musk Aims for Mars


Elon Musk, the modern day Einstein/Tony Stark, announced SpaceX’s plans for Mars today, with hope to not only make life multi-planetary, but to colonize the Red Planet, and eventually make its atmosphere livable and breathable. Though we’re still at least a decade out from people en route to Mars, the prospects for the plans are thrilling. Prices for a trip to Mars? Surprisingly cheap, considering the immense engineering and planning that will go into the missions; estimated at $200,000 per person. As a space enthusiast, I find this news extremely exciting, and I applaud the big vision and courage of the engineers and designers working on this enormous project. And the prospects of a President Trump make Mars seem pretty appealing these days… Via SpaceX:


Using the biggest, most powerful rocket ever made, SpaceX will launch the spaceship with over 100 people onboard, a magnitude larger than anything that has come before it.


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