new office

breweryblocksA few weeks ago I got an invite to move into a beautiful architecture studio in the Pearl- a former warehouse district on Portland’s NW side that has been radically transformed over the last ten years. It was an invite that seemed to be a bit too good to be true. I would be invited to continue my freelance work at this office- RENT FREE (!)- and possibly even get some new work out of the deal.  It just so happens that the architecture firm, GBD, had to lay off a large number of people in the last few months, and had a whole wing of their building vacant. I really do feel lousy about the layoffs, but in trying to make the best of the situation, I said yes, and have set up my new office on the 4th floor. I’m with a group of eight other creatives, from a wide range of backgrounds, and we’re collectively pooling our talent. Many of us have full time jobs, many work freelance in fields like painting, digital art, videography and print design. We’re being called the Brewhouse Studio, as we’re occupying the old Henry Weinhard Brewery building. It’s listed on the national register of historic places, and I feel super lucky to be part of …the social/working experiment that we’re conducting.

Photo via Flickr -dejvicka