New Site Design for Moss and Fog!

moss and fog on macbook air

Hello! Excited to share a brand new site design for It’s been a long time in the making, and it’s launched today to give you a better overall experience.  The new site gives you more content on the homepage, showing multiple stories at one time, versus the long-scroll layout. While there’s something we love about the long-scroll experience, it seemed time to update to a layout that allows for more content to be seen at a time.

In addition, the site now has an improved navigation experience in our Explore More! feature up top.

explore more

This new feature gives you quick access to stories and posts in particular genres, so you can easily find all of the content that’s interesting to you. Look for these to change and rotate through in the future.

And to access things like our Facebook page and top post links, just hit the “hamburger” menu on the top left, and you’ll find lots of additional content there.

All in all, we wanted to provide a fresh, new experience for the site, and give you, the reader, a more enriched layout that lets you explore more great content.

Thanks again for your time!

Ben, founder and editor.