Nike LunarTerra Arktos


You don’t have to love Nike to appreciate the enormous range of footwear they make. Designer Nathan VanHook has a pretty sweet looking design for this all weather boot. The inner liner is insulated and can be worn inside a home, while slipping into the boot shell provides a waterproof exterior. Available this October. Via Nike:

Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ws_6_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Black_10_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ws_4_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Black_3_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ms_5_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ms_4_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ms_6_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ms_8_large Ho13_NSW_TerraArktos_Ms_7_large