Orbiform Mathematical Desktop Sculpture

The Orbiform is a mathematically perfect solid of constant width. This means that it moves like a sphere, although it’s much more unique in shape.  Unwittingly used by Leonardo da Vinci in 1514, the shape and form were officially discovered by Leonhard Euler in 1771.  Available through Kickstarter, this beautifully made desktop sculpture is formed in solid metal, and polished to be a great meditative object to share with people interested in math, physics, engineering, and design in general.


An Orbiform is a shape whereby its closed curves result in a constant width. A 2D Orbiform can be rotated between two parallel, fixed distance lines and remain tangent to both lines at every orientation just like a circle of the same width. Interestingly, the perimeter length of a circle and Orbiform can both be calculated with the equation pi*D=circumference.


Deceptively simple, this form seems to perform illusions in front of you, especially when you see it act as ball bearings underneath a board. The board stays absolutely level, even though the form itself doesn’t seem capable of such moves.  it’s a testament to mathematics and physics. We’re big fans of desktop objects, and the Orbiform seems like a perfect addition to a thinking-person’s collection. Created by AltDynamic, and available in brass, copper, and stainless steel.