Remarkable Beach in the Canary Islands Has ‘Popcorn’ Sand

This remarkable beach in the Canary Islands has ‘sand’ that looks entirely like popped popcorn. Located on the island of Fuerteventura, the popcorn is actually a result of ancient fragmented white coral that has washed ashore. The sight is remarkable to see, and it makes for really fun photography.

The locals are proud of this unique place, and caution travelers to enjoy the beach, but not take souvenirs home with them. These special structures known as rhodoliths, and they’re rare enough that too much tourism could damage or deplete this unique beach.

Check out MyModernMet for more on this Instagrammable-beach.


From MyModernMet:

“Aptly known as Popcorn Beach or Popcorn Bay, from afar it looks like any scenic beach on the Spanish island, but up close you’ll see what looks like millions of popcorn pieces. The strange, irregular fragments are actually pieces of white coral that have washed ashore. Mixed with the volcanic rocks and sand on the beach, the coastline looks like a delicious sweet and salty combination of popcorn and black pepper—just don’t be tempted to take a bite!”