Romney Vs. Sandy

I try not to get into politics too much on this site, but with a giant election on the near horizon, I can’t not share some smart insight. Treehugger shows some supremely cynical remarks from Romney at his acceptance speech this summer, which seem quite out of touch in light of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. I dont know about you, but I don’t think it’s comforting to have someone mocking climate change at a time of intense weather, worldwide.

via Treehugger:

You might remember Mitt Romney’s famously callous climate joke, the one he made during his acceptance speech at the RNC. He mocked Barack Obama’s pledge to fight climate change and got his biggest laugh line of the night. I won’t try to heal the planet or keep oceans from rising, he said, I want to help your family. Sandy made it beyond clear that the two objectives are anything but mutually exclusive; that slowing the oceans’ rise will help millions of families.

Forecast the Facts put together the video above, remixing the jab with Hurricane Sandy footage. And Buzzfeed caught Bill Clinton taking Romney to task at a campaign event in Ohio:

Climate change didn’t cause Sandy. But our fossil fuel-spewing habits gave her more strength, and they’re leading to warmer oceans and higher sea levels—increasing the chances we’ll see more of her kind. That’s nothing to laugh about, really.