Rubber Barber

rubber barber - create hairstyles for each character by simply erasing

Adorable and hilarious, the ‘Rubber Barber’ series of erasers from Megawing are bound to bring a grin to your face.

The ‘Rubber Barber’ by Chen Lu Wei for megawing, is a simple eraser that will make you smile. Each one has a face at its center, surrounded by a square of colour, which as the user erases, gradually creates various funky hairstyles, depending on how you work it. This process not only results in a happy interaction between user and the eraser, but also reminds people to use their imagination, and that sometimes mistakes can bring humour!

In the process of erasing…

Different expressions on each eraser.

The way the erasers start.

Creating hairstyles comes with your erasing style.

Pretty clever.