Shipping Container Home in Joshua Tree is Wild and Minimalist at the Same Time

joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog cover

Shipping containers make for ideal reuse, and builders are using them as homes, offices, and other structures, often in stacked or clustered orientations. James Whitaker’s home design in Joshua Tree, however, takes that idea and explodes it, creating a design that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Titled the Starburst House, the cluster of bright white shipping containers splays out of the arid desert in a plant-like manner, creating a hyper-modern and unique shape for a home. The white exterior cuts down on heat buildup, and the angled containers bring in light from all different angles. Believe it or not, these are digital renderings, showcasing the final home design, that’s set to take shape this winter. Read more about this impressively unique home on Dezeen:

joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 2joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 4

Nestled in the smooth boulders and Joshua Trees of southern California, this home design is spare and clean, despite it’s aggressively unusual outer form. Pure white walls and sharp creases are offset by colorful orange furniture inside.

joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 1joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 5joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 6joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 7

The home is a level of spareness that is a bit too aggressive for our personal taste, but we’d certainly take up the offer of a weekend stay, if offered.

joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 8joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 9

The Starburst House is powered by a carport covered in solar panels, ensuring that the home can run off-grid in the desert environment.

joshua-tree-residence-whitaker-studio_moss and fog 11