Shore Reinvents the Rug

Reinvent might be a bit too strong a word, though we are very impressed and enamored by Shore’s clever, ergonomic rugs. ¬†Hand woven out of soft, resilient silicone, the rugs are specially designed to provide soft, ergonomic function, while looking great at the same time. ¬†They come in a number of various sizes, and are named after sunny, California locales, like Laurel Canyon, Hermosa Sunset, Sun Valley, and Iris.

Their thick, tactile weave gives your feet a massaging feeling while standing on them, and they are purpose-built to be waterproof, UV-resistant, and perfect for poolside lounging and great as standing desk accessories. We like the idea that they could make a great substitution for a beach towel for lounging, and add a pop of color to an office.


The Star Cloud rug features a colorful hombre style.


Woven by hand in London, Shore’s products are not cheap, costing hundreds of dollars apiece. But their soft, ergonomic appeal is undeniable.